The virtues of aquamarine in lithotherapy

Aquamarine is a soothing stone, it strengthens budding love (it is frequently offered as an engagement ring) and strengthens the love of existing couples. Its calm sea color has always made it suitable for trouble-free maritime travel. It is the stone of sailors, for whom it protects from drowning, and of all navigators.

Aquamarine aligns all the chakras. It is more particularly associated with the neck chakra, and the throat chakra, which it helps purify. It is associated with astrological signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Libra and Gemini.

The benefits of aquamarine against physical ailments

Motion sickness and nausea

Stone of protection of travelers, aquamarine relieves motion sickness. It is particularly recommended for seasickness . Generally speaking, it helps soothe nausea.

Respiratory system, throat, vocal cords and larynx

Aquamarine has a favorable influence on the entire respiratory system. It is indicated in cases of respiratory tract infection, angina, bronchitis, cough. It is beneficial to the tonsils, larynx, throat and strengthens the vocal cords. It also helps relieve allergic symptoms: hay fever, sinusitis.

Skin allergies and rashes

The benefits of aquamarine on the psyche and relationships

The gentle and relaxing vibrations of aquamarine promote communication, tenderness and develop sensitivity. It promotes artistic professions, brings inspiration and eloquence, and increases the capacity for expression.

Anxieties and anxiety

Its soothing vibrations allow you to calm anxiety, as well as nervous and emotional tension, to make way for inner peace. We would also recommend it to people prone to anxiety.


Aquamarine is beneficial to the brain and helps keep the spirit youthful. It sharpens the intellect, clarifies perception and promotes studies. It stimulates lucid and clairvoyant thinking. It is particularly recommended in oral exam situations.

Courage and communication

Aquamarine promotes communication, tolerance and tenderness, and increases a sense of responsibility. It is also a stone renowned for the courage it provides. It reduces stress. For these reasons, it is particularly recommended in oral exam situations.