The properties and virtues of semi-precious stones


Agatha Being the stone of respect, agate will bring you strength, courage and confidence. This will allow you to make your decisions easier. From a physical point of view, agate will be beneficial for your nervous and digestive system. In addition, it can be effective against hair loss, hives and viral infections. Lithotherapists indicate that agate is good for the throat and vocal cords. It will protect you from hormonal changes, before and after pregnancy.


Aquamarine Stone of communication. Aquamarine promotes clear and calm speech. It helps to communicate more gently and provides better listening. It strengthens the budding love and love of couples. Used to align the neck chakras, this stone has therapeutic properties on the respiratory system, throat and vocal cords. It strengthens the immune system, regulates the heart rate and improves blood circulation. It is frequently used to relieve motion sickness.


Amazonite It is a stone of joyful energy, ideal for rediscovering your inner child. Amazonite is linked to the heart and throat chakras. It promotes the expression of emotions and also helps to take situations less seriously. It brings us back to the present moment. Amazonite makes it easier and more natural to reach out to others. It calms the central nervous system. This stone is also known to block bad waves emitted by devices such as: microwaves, cell phones and computers.


Amethyst Amethyst is a purple-tinted quartz crystal. It is widely used in the practice of meditation because amethyst brings calm to the mind. It allows you to regain your internal balance. Useful for artists, it greatly stimulates creativity. From a physical point of view, amethyst helps to free oneself from certain dependencies. It is the ideal stone to chase away headaches or sleep disorders. It also protects against travel accidents.


A stone of balance, apatite is effective for weight loss because it reduces appetite and allows introspection to discover the truth within oneself. It promotes union with oneself, helps manage emotions and promotes self-confidence. Apatite offers beneficial properties for bones and joints, helps with arthritis and reduces hypertension. Wear blue apatite during cancer since it is an excellent organizer of cellular structure. Apatite is useful for hyperactivity and autism in children.


Aventurine Aventurine brings us inner tranquility and dissolves melancholy. It strengthens self-control in addition to making its owner generous and loyal. It can solve problems related to the heart. Useful for the shy and those who tend to let themselves be dominated by others, aventurine promotes freedom of thought. Stone of well-being and confidence in one's real potential. Aventurine will be perfect to help you resolve all your skin problems, dandruff as well as to slow down hair loss.


Chrysocolla Stone of serenity, which helps to free oneself from guilt and other negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, resentment and regret. Allows good adaptation to changes. Helps heal sorrows and intensifies the capacity to love. Chrysocolla is ideal for inspiring creativity. It allows healthy communication and harmonizes relationships. Its color is neutral but it emanates feminine energy. Several medicinal virtues are associated with it such as arthritis, pulmonary problems and blood-related disorders.


Citrine Lustrous and very clear quartz with an orange-yellow and gold color, citrine is renowned as the “stone of success”. It promotes abundance, especially in business. Radiating positive energy, citrine offers general protection for the entire body and mind. If you have sleep problems or nightmares this is the ideal stone for you. Sensuality and sexuality can also be accentuated by citrine. Not absorbing any negative energy, this stone does not need to be “cleansed” or “recharged”.


Fluorite Sharpening intellectual faculties and promoting decision-making, fluorite helps concentration and strengthens memory by reducing stress. Used during meditation sessions, fluorite stimulates intuition. It is also very useful for helping children. Valuable for relieving flu and viral infections, fluorite has great influences on the liver, lungs and diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis. It also promotes tissue regeneration.


Goldstone It is a stone of friendship, internal energy, joy, cheerfulness. It diffuses vitality and good humor, facilitates bodily expression. From a physical point of view, goldstone will have a very purifying effect on the blood and the heart. This stone facilitates concentration. In chromotherapy, its indigo color has several powers. It will have anesthetic properties for headaches and toothaches. In addition, it will have a positive influence on your sight, hearing and smell.


A stone of vitality, garnet promotes the supply of vital energy necessary for action, it gives the courage to undertake projects and allows you to go straight to the goal. It is associated with the power of will, greater self-confidence and success. Garnet reduces the taboos and inhibitions of its wearer. It also allows the release of negative behaviors and discouragement and is beneficial against nervous breakdowns. Garnet helps regulate blood pressure and promotes proper circulation of blood throughout the body.


Red blood cell Hematite is ideal for combating fatigue. It stimulates concentration, memory, provides vitality and dynamism. In addition, this stone transmits energy, courage and determination in difficult times. It allows you to listen to yourself and others in order to better detect what is wrong. Perfect for alleviating women's shyness. It increases self-confidence, soothes and de-stresses the wearer. It has a positive effect on convalescence. Also, effective against anemia.


Howlite It resolves negative energies. It helps us to remain diplomatic, understandable and forgiving towards ourselves. It protects us from the anger of others and allows us to better control our own. It encourages us to act calmly and gently. Its anti-stress properties help you get good sleep. Very good stone for discernment and memory. Howlite activates the elimination of water, it can be worn to support a weight loss diet. It is effective in improving skin elasticity.


Jade It is a stone of wisdom and harmony. It promotes concentration and is known to offer a lot of motivation to the wearer. If you are looking for inner peace, jade will guide you. It makes you more tolerant and is recommended to encourage any negotiation. In addition, it has many medicinal properties such as strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of urinary infections. It will alleviate your headaches and/or migraines. Additionally, jade is beneficial if you have trouble sleeping.


Jasper Being a stone of communication, it allows us to express ourselves more easily. Jasper also helps with personal development and strengthens self-esteem. Stones of anchor, common sense, courage and concentration. Helps make quick decisions and puts thoughts into action. It is believed to have very positive effects on women's sexuality (stimulation of the reproductive organs, relief of menstruation and childbirth pain).


Labradorite Loved for its great beauty, labradorite is a very powerful stone that promotes intellect, inspiration and intuition. It stabilizes mood by activating balance, constancy of emotions and helps to overcome stress and anxiety. Also, it protects the person who wears it against psychic energies and negative thoughts. Through the energy it provides, labradorite also relieves people suffering from severe fatigue, emphysema and can soothe headaches or migraines by lightly rubbing painful areas.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli This stone stimulates creativity. It is considered an aphrodisiac by the Romans. Helps to move forward, stone of hope and courage. It brings us closer to others because it stimulates good humor. Lithotherapists consider that it fights fever and allergies, regulates blood pressure and eliminates toxins. It is used to help improve vision problems and skin problems.


Malachite This stone will boost your confidence thanks to its properties. It is full of positive energy and can help you overcome your shyness. Ideal for students as it increases the ease of understanding and assimilating new information. Perfect for regaining inner balance, freeing yourself from your anxieties and harmonizing your chakras. A more naughty aspect, this stone will help you flourish sexually and feel more ease in your body.


Morganite Morganite is as delicate as it is powerful in attracting happiness and love to you; it envelops you in a feeling of security. Its properties are very similar to those of rose quartz, morganite is also used for the heart chakra to circulate love around you. When offered to the person of your heart, because this stone evokes passion. Morganite also allows you to be more empathetic towards others. On a physical level, this rare semi-precious pearl soothes stress, heart problems and respiratory problems.


Obsedian It reveals the truth and chases away illusions. It is a powerful shield against negative energies (like a mirror, it turns the energy of malicious people against themselves). Stone of absolute balance Ying and Yang. Promotes compassion and strength. Stimulates growth on all levels. Leads to intellectual clarity. Facilitates the healing of emotions and trauma. If you need to let go, you'll love it!

Eye of tiger

Eye of tiger Perfect for concentrating and recharging with energy. Its vibration soothes emotions, nostalgia and stimulates the desire to work. This stone teaches us to overcome prejudices. It chases away negative vibes from home. It is the stone of instinct, it sharpens intuition and helps prevent difficulties inherent in business and financial enterprises. Tiger's eye strengthens bones and joints. It has a soothing effect in cases of shortness of breath and asthma.


Onyx Being the stone of grounding, onyx will amplify harmony, emotional balance and self-control. It allows you to remain objective and helps to develop a sense of responsibility and wisdom. It will also provide strength, support and good protection against negative influences in difficult stressful times. It also promotes divinatory dreams and intuition. Onyx is ideal for nervous people.


Opal This stone is considered a lucky charm. It evokes purity and hope. It is also the birthstone for the month of October. It is very powerful and it is not recommended to wear it with other stones. It strengthens our moods and amplifies our qualities. It is calming and promotes reflection. It awakens sensuality in the person who wears it. It encourages new encounters. White in color, it promotes sleep. It can be recharged with water but avoid salt.

Mother-of-pearl bead

A stone of intuition and openness of the mind, mother-of-pearl promotes the circulation of energies in the body. It also promotes communication, sociability and creativity. It dissipates mood swings, anger and daily anxieties that affect daily life. It has bone regeneration abilities, so mother-of-pearl helps with arthritis pain. It is also indicated to fight rheumatism and improve digestion.

moon stone

Pierre Moon It brings softness and sensitivity. She assists in delicate decision-making, because she develops intuition. Feminine stone it symbolizes tenderness. It could help mothers who worry about their children. It is a precious support for marital happiness because it would have the gift of reconciling cold lovers. It is very valuable in cases of sterility or menopause. It stimulates fertility and promotes hormonal balance. In addition, it helps soothe stomach and menstrual pain. It brings protection to the traveler and brings good luck.

Volcanic stone

Volcanic Stone Ideal for the absorption of essential oils due to its porous appearance, volcanic stone is a protective stone rich in creative energy which is used to strengthen the intellect, clarify thinking, and repel malicious energies and illnesses in all their forms. It is a grounding stone allowing a strong connection to the Earth. It stimulates people wearing this stone to be joyful, spontaneous and to reconnect with themselves. In addition, volcanic stone is associated with virile power and sexual rigor.


Pyrite Serving as an excellent energy shield, pyrite is used for its very positive power to redirect negative energies to the earth. Promoting the development of your full potential and self-confidence, it also encourages abilities, ideas and diplomacy. It acts on frustration and anxiety problems. Giving way to a boost of energy, pyrite helps people experiencing exhaustion to overcome their fatigue.


Quartz Since Antiquity, its powers have been used as much for healing as to regain balance and harmony. Perfect for channeling energies and eliminating negativity. It can serve as a protective shield. Its light energy also helps to release stress. It is the ideal crystal to amplify the vibrations of other stones and crystals. Quartz helps to develop the gift and show the way to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves. Also, valuable for back pain.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose quartz brings softness, tenderness and self-confidence. It is suitable for nervous people because it is calming and reassuring. It heals painful emotional wounds and the deepest heartaches. Rose quartz greatly helps with concentration and meditation. From a physical point of view, it regulates the production of adrenaline, lowers the heart rate and strengthens it. It helps you get restful sleep.


Rhodonite Rhodonite is the stone of endurance and self-confidence. It also symbolizes peace and tranquility of mind. It can be of great help during exam periods, because it increases learning abilities as well as perseverance. It is a stone that brings tenderness and love. She has the power to pacify conflict situations. In ancient times, rhodonite was given as a gift to express friendship. Very useful during convalescence, because it brings confidence on the path to recovery.


Sodalie Used to support the brain and relax mental rigidity, sodalite also stimulates logic of thought, rationality and stability. Facilitating courage and humility, sodalite has effects on guilt and anxiety by helping you control your emotions. Hypersensitive people greatly appreciate this stone for its virtues. Placed in a baby's room, sodalite allows the baby to return to peaceful sleep.


An anchor stone, tourmaline is the perfect stone to frame you, to bring you back to reality, to not have your head in the clouds, and therefore to be realistic, to see things concretely. It helps you take on new challenges and promotes prosperity. Tourmaline can also suck harmful energies from people; it can even happen that the stone cracks when it comes into contact with a considerable flow of negative energies. Tourmaline can improve blood circulation. This stone can help fight epilepsy.


Turquoise Turquoise realigns the Chakras. Stone of calm and serenity, it protects those around us from our own negative energies and repels those of others, which makes us more pleasant, more confident and improves our relationships. Excellent against exhaustion and fatigue. Reduces panic attacks. Encourages listening to others. Purifies the blood, balances sugar and cholesterol levels. Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, directly on the area to be treated.

Aromatherapy necklace

Aromatherapy Collie Made entirely of stainless steel, aromatherapy necklaces are very popular with women who wear them for their aesthetics and practicality. Equipped with a magnet, the pendant contains a small colored marker which can be changed. All you need to do is add a few drops of soothing, stimulating or decongestant essential oil or even a few scents of your favorite perfume. The benefits of aromatherapy and the smell are diffused gently and continuously for at least 1 to 2 weeks.