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8mm semi-precious stone bracelet made of agate, onyx and hematite.

Hematite is ideal for combating fatigue. It stimulates concentration, memory, provides vitality and dynamism. In addition, this stone transmits energy, courage and determination in difficult times. It allows you to listen to yourself and others in order to better detect what is wrong. Perfect for alleviating women's shyness. It increases self-confidence, soothes and de-stresses the wearer. It has a positive effect on convalescence.

Being the stone of grounding, onyx will amplify harmony, emotional balance and self-control. It allows you to remain objective and helps to develop a sense of responsibility and wisdom. It will also provide strength, support and good protection against negative influences in difficult stressful times. It also promotes divinatory dreams and intuition. Onyx is ideal for nervous people.

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